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XR HUB Munich

The XR HUB Munich is located at the Medien.Bayern GmbH.
The XR HUB Munich creates a platform for the exchange on trends, opportunities and challenges of XR technologies through own and the support of partner events in Bavaria.
The incorporation of XR HUB Munich as the fourth pillar of Medien.Bayern GmbH in addition to the media days, the media network Bavaria and the Media Lab Bavaria makes it possible to leverage synergies:
• for the user industries such as automotive, health, architecture, etc. through the formats “media meets” or “media date” of the Media Network Bavaria
• in the field of immersive journalism with the Media Lab Bavaria
• on the media days with the Immersive Media Area and the Immersive Media Day.


The head of the XR HUB Munich is Silke Schmidt.

Media (“media” – “middle”) are the interface between people and external places, their stories and people.
Media have always taken people to places where they are not physically present:
in the early days through oral stories told, later through books, pictures, photos, movies,
music, television and radio, today often through videos and audio displays.
The transition from two- to three-dimensional space through XR technologies now extends the media toolbox.
This benefits both media makers and users not only in the media sector, but in all industries.
XR technologies are also creating new forms of entertainment and education, as well as new forms of expression for artists.


You have a question? Write to hi@xrhub-munich.de

Mailing address:

XR HUB Munich
Media.Bayern GmbH
Rosenheimer Strasse 145e
81671 Munich.

Visiting address:

XR HUB Munich in the Media Lab Bavaria
Media.Bayern GmbH
Rosenheimer Strasse 145c
81671 Munich.